Zodiac Signs / Sun Signs:

In Western astrology the zodiac has 12 parts. Each is named after a constellation and corresponds to a different time of year. Astrologists believe that the movements of the planets influence what happens on Earth, and that people born under the different signs have certain characteristics.

Aries - the ram
21March - 19April
Creative, impatient, masculine, competitive, warrior-like, independent, outspoken
Taurus - the bull
20April - 20May
Materialistic, determined, resourceful, touchy, ruthless
Gemini - the twins
21May - 21June
Intellectual, inquisitive, selfish, talkative, witty, indecisive, irritable, shallow
Cancer - the crab
22June - 22July
Sympathetic, emotional, moody, sensitive, home-loving, romantic, loyal, tactless
Leo - the lion
23July - 22August
creative, generous, broad-minded, patronising, bossy, extroverted, idealistic, arrogant
Virgo - the vergin
23August - 23September
Intelligent, diligent, modest, conservative, overcritical, pedantic, affectionate, methodical
Libra - the scales
24September - 23October
Attractive, charming, sociable, gullible, flirtatious, objective, artistc
Scorpio - the scorpion
24October - 22November
Outspoken, passionate, jealous, obsessive, forceful, secretive, intense, extreme, rebellious
Sagittarius - the archer
23November - 21December
Optimistic, honest, philosophical, careless, irresponsible, energetic, adventurous
Capricorn - the goat
22December - 20January
Disciplined, economical, patient, reserved, pessimistic, serious, organized, rational
Aquarius - the water bearer
21January - 19February
Inventive, friendly, independent, unpredictable, serious, intelligent, eccentric
Pisces - the fishes
20February - 20March
Imaginative, compassionate, vague, gentle, sensitive, easygoing, spiritual, creative

Who propounded the signs of the Zodiac ?Babylonians