Mole Reading:

According to the ancient Chinese facial mole studies, not all moles are bad. Most of the moles serve as a warning or reminder so you can be more vigilant to protect yourself from harms, this is especially true for those moles that can be seen easily.

The "good moles" symbolizing good luck and fortune are usually hidden or not easily seen. The color of mole is darker than skin. Moles have dark black, black, light black, gray, brown, purple and red colors. The pure color of black or red are good moles. Moles mixing with red, white or yellow colors are unlucky signs in people relationship. A shining and smooth mole with good brightness is considered as good mole. A mole with hair indicates the mole is alive, which is a sign of good mole. A male should keep the hair. A female can trim it.

If you consider getting rid of the mole on your face, check the reading before you do. You may come to appreciate it more. Also removing the mole will not change your fate, but knowing what challenges that may come will help you handle it better.

Find the location of the mole from the picture, and check the reading below.

(1,2,3) Cannot get along with parents, boss, or the elderly. Try to keep a respectful distance with them.

(4) Lack of planning, and have unstable life.

(5) (above the eyebrow) – May encounter misfortune brought on by family or friends, or may have bad luck with money.

(6) (in the eyebrow) – Very smart, creative or artistic. Will have wealth and fame, and have good luck with money.

(7) (on the eyelid) – Tend to have conflicts with family, and have problem keeping money.

(8) Have financial hardship. Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances.

(9) Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances, and prevent accidents.

(10) Unlikely to have or to be with children or grandchildren.

(11) Tend to be troubled by long term or severe illness.

(12) Tend to have problems related to diet or food.

(13) Always worry and work hard for children, but may not be able to enjoy a good relationship with them.

(14) Have high risk of food poisoning or allergy.

(15) Do not reside at one place for long, move around a lot or have unstable environment.

(16) Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances, and prevent food poisoning or diet problems.

(17) Be cautious with your actions to prevent loosing good reputation.

(18) Be mindful of your well being when traveling abroad.

(19) Need to prevent unwanted sexual advances.

(20) Life may be short, so live it to the fullest. Avoid any criminal acts.

(21) Tend to have foot problems. Need to prevent water-related accidents.

(22) Need to prevent accidents while travelling.

(23) Prominent and rich.

Moles on the Body

Many Facial moles have corresponding moles on the other part of body. For example, a mole on the eyebrow, you might find a mole on the shoulder or hands. A mole on the cheek, then you might find one mole on the chest. A mole around the mouth, then you should find a corresponding mole on the symmetrical position in the private parts. Most of moles inside the body are good ones, since they are hidden.

• A mole in red color on the chest is a good mole. It implies passion, generous, love and good relationship with children.

• A mole on the buttocks hints the person with enthusiasm, vitality, meeting people and money luck.

• A mole on the back indicates a person with outgoing personality with strong communication skill.

• A mole on the lower leg implies working hard, responsible personality for business and family.

• Moles on the palm are all good moles, which shouldn't be removed.

• Moles on the neck around Adam's apple implies the person has hard time to get along with family.

• A mole around navel with red color represents the person is a gourmet. It is also a good sign of fortune and wisdom.

• A mole on the shoulder hints the person needs to work hard for the family and have more argument than people.