Lizard Falling Effects:

This is the lizard mythology which is being beleived by most of the South Indians.These things may or may not happen.There are no scientific studies or logical conclusions available on this mythology.

Lizard Falling Effect on Men
HeadBe ready for disputes / Clashes
Top headAfraid of death
FaceExpect financial profits
Left eyeYou have a good news
Right eyeUn-successful / Fail / Lost
ForeheadLack of involvement / Separation
Right cheekYou have a bad news
Left earBeneficial / Income
Upper LipBe ready for disputes
Lower LipExpect financial profits
Both lips togetherFear of death / Be ready for death news
MouthFear of bad health condition
Left of the backsideVictory / Gain
Night dreamsFear of king or Ruler
WristBeautification / Modification
ArmFinancial loss / Failure
FingersExpect visitors and old friends
Right armTrouble / Complexity
Left armMay bring shame on you
ThighsLoss of clothing
MustacheDifficult time ahead
FootDifficult time ahead
Back footGet ready for a journey
ToesPhysical illness

Lizard Falling Effect on Women
HeadAfraid of death
Hair KnotWorry about sickness
Left eyeGet love from your man
Right eyeCreates mental stress
Right cheekMale child may born
Upper Right earExpect financial profits
Upper lipBe ready for disputes
Lower lipYou'll get new things
Both lips togetherReady to face difficulties
BacksideExpect death news
NailsConflicts / Arguments
HandsExpect financial profits
Left handCreates mental stress
FingersGet ornaments
Right armRomance ahead
ShouldersGetting ornaments
ThighsExpect romance
KneesFondness / Affection
AnkleComplexity / Trouble
Calf of the legExpect visitors
Right legYou will be defeated / Loss
ToesMale child may born